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Buy Christmas Hanging Gift [India] 2007-3-28
Dear sirs, We are interested in importing hanging craft and gift from china. Kindly send us your product detail and catalogues at earliest possible. Warm regards. Swapnil Fase.
Buy Nobility Gift Item [South Korea] 2007-3-23
Now we want to find as below suppliers. Item: Nobility gift item. No cheap price, quality must be good. For office worker. If you can supply it. Please send us your details.
Buy Gift For Soccer Fans In The Stadium [Turkey] 2007-3-20
I need items either 1) to be sold in the team strores or 2) distributed for free to the fans in the stadium ( But sorry, I don't need any soccer balls or jersey) If you have any item for s
Buy Whimsical Decor And Gift Items [USA] 2007-3-20
Looking for suppliers of whimsical restaurant, office and home decor. Items such as Betty Boop, Hanging airplanes, nautical memorabilia, restaurant statues, pirates, life size butlers and waiters. Ant
Buy Gift Wrapping Paper [Japan] 2007-3-14
We are one of top manufacturers and distributors of Gift Wrapping products for Yen100 shops in Japan. Our annual import amount is USD 2 million per year. We are looking for excellent and very compet
Buy Gift Mouse [India] 2007-3-2
I need gift mouse / with nice packing /
Buy Genuine leather gift set and handbags [HK] 2007-2-27
Looking for factories in making genuine leather gift set and handbags. Please email to me for more information. Target Countries/Regions : China (Mainland) Quantity : 1000 Payment Terms
Buy Gift Box [USA] 2007-2-26
I would like to have some boxes made in China. I need them for the ornaments that I am producing. They are boxes made of velvet/velour on the outside and satin on the inside. I have scanned a pictu
Buy Jewelry And Gift [USA] 2007-2-26
I have a custom jewelry and gift store in Wynne Arkansas and I am currently looking to bring in a few new lines.
Buy Gift Items In Kitty Design [Thailand] 2007-2-5
We are Trustpass member and would like to buy the gift items in KITTY design. Any supplier / seller who has this kind of product, please send the catalog and quotation for our consideration. If your p
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